RFE Investment Partners

RFE Investment Partners


Partnering to Build Value

RFE Investment Partners is a private equity investor with over 30 years of small buyout experience investing in growth companies in partnership with strong management teams.

Collaborative Investment Relationship

RFE makes strong commitments to its management teams. Our relationship with management is one of the most important aspects of our investment philosophy – the honest and communicative nature of these relationships contributes significantly to building better businesses.

Small Buyout Heritage

RFE has 30 years of experience investing in small buyouts. We partner with the management of small businesses and pursue compelling growth strategies using our experience and network of contacts. We enjoy the personal dimension of the small market and find it extremely rewarding. With our proven skill set in the business services, niche manufacturing and healthcare services sectors, we have consistently stewarded portfolio companies successfully through multiple business cycles.

Dedicated and Cohesive Team

RFE has worked together a long time. Our team draws on the expertise of more than 100 years of cumulative private equity experience and has worked together an average of 19 years.

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